Just Wallet 

Simple banking for the global economy, with impact.

We dreamed of a world with more convenient, less costly payment options. A payment solution that is simple to use and highly accessible for everyone.


For years we struggled with traditional banks moving money the old way – which wasted time and money. So, we set out to invent a simple solution that replaces an outdated model. Our Founders started in the financial markets developing complex code for Financial institutions and brokers in the foreign currency day trading industry. The complex systems and high barrier to entry revealed a path of major opportunity. This hard won opportunity is what lead us to  become a federally regulated money service business in Canada.


The initial launch of Just Wallet v1 included a B2B white label application that we sold to thousands of fintech businesses across 180 countries globally. We have continued to improve the core offering of our application and integrated dozens of partners to offer the best money transfer application on the market. More recently, we searched the globe for best place to launch our consumer-facing application as well.


In 2018, we established our corporation in Toronto, Ontario and filed to be registered and regulated by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) as a regulated Money Service Business. As a federally regulated MSB we are able to offer Money Transfer & Foreign Currency exchange services. We launched to the public with a huge following from our previous endeavors. We have built a strong team of bankers, technologists, brokers, coders, attorneys and customer service reps focused on delivering the best customer experience you can find in the financial services landscape. Just Wallet has also partnered with top financial institutions to be able to operate in 30 markets globally, and more are being added to the list every quarter.


A percentage of our revenues are donated to a global impact fund, we really do care and give back to the community.


Our Network

Just Wallet’s network allows you to send money anywhere in the world and withdraw funds directly to your bank account.

Just Wallet bridges various blockchain users and networks from different ecosystems and provides a simple way to trade real tangible assets via NFT technology. We provide users direct access to a multicurrency network using our payment bridge.

We’re experienced

We are experienced professionals
who have built multi-billion dollar enterprise applications.

We are flexible

Because we are a small firm, we’re
responsive, flexible, 
and customer focused.

We are cost-effective

We built the most cost-effective solution for payments globally.

Just Wallet in the Media


Just Wallet mints with the Stars


Top social media pop-stars like JXDN are leveraging Just Wallet for minting original NFT tokens. 

Just Wallet is proud to be a part of the digitalization of assets and creative control for artists.


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