Just Wallet mints with the Stars

Just Wallet is pleased to announce a partnership with KeySpace to change the way people access and enjoy concerts. Just Wallet created a suite of innovative NFT technology for hot new artist, JXDN and his SUPER 21st BIRTHDAY concert in Los Angeles during Super Bowl weekend.


JXDN will be at a private venue on Saturday, February 12th performing some of his hottest songs “ANGELS & DEMONS”, “SO WHAT!”, and “WANNA BE” to a live audience! 

He has amassed over 4.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is fresh off the release of his album, Tell Me About Tomorrow, which ranked at 95 on the Billboard 200.


JXDN is embracing the NFT wave with the help of Just Wallet. KeySpace and Just Wallet designed digital NFT giveaways for the 21st live event! Just Wallet will act as the minting engine for each unique event NFT which will open the door to a digitalized backstage community and early access to merch drops and exclusive prizes, like a meet and greet with JXDN! 


NFT’s give artists and their fans creative equity behind their brand and music, allowing them to take part in exciting real-world applications of this fascinating new technology. Cheers to you, JXDN. Just Wallet is proud to be a part of the digitalization of assets and creative control for artists.