Innovation in Crypto
to Generate Debit Cards 

We have built a revolutionary Web3 platform to quickly transfer Crypto into Cash via our Just Wallet Debit Card.

Our solution is built to scale with high volume and liquidity on the blockchain.
Easily as 1-2-3! 

1. Connect Your Wallet
2. Complete the profile form

3. Generate the debit card


Powerful Technology


Just Wallet platform connects you to both fiat from crypto, 

we have effectively eliminated cross border payment fees.  

Global Payment Solution


Instant access to global remittance in 40 markets,

create an account to get started. 

Proof of Value


A new framework combining Ethereum-based technology
with traditional financial infrastructure


Our Core Belief

Just Wallet’s network allows you to send money anywhere in the world and withdraw funds directly to your bank account.

Just Wallet bridges various blockchain users and networks from different ecosystems and provides a simple way to trade real tangible assets via NFT technology. We provide users direct access to a multicurrency network using our payment bridge.

We’re experienced

We are experienced professionals
who have built multi-billion dollar enterprise applications.

We are flexible

Because we are a small firm, we’re
also responsive, flexible, agile,
and customer centric.

We are effective

We are reliable and we will make sure you’re set up for success before our work is done.

We are built for scale

We have built the most cost-effective solution that other firms simply can’t match.

Just Wallet's Mission

Just Wallet provides access to banking for the underserved, underbanked and
allows access to both national currencies and crypto in a single application.

We give a portion of revenue to our global impact fund. We care, and give back to the community.