Swap out of Crypto

A revolutionary Web3 platform to quickly convert Crypto into Cash via the Just Wallet card.

Our solution is built to scale with high volume and liquidity on the blockchain. Easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Connect Your Web3 Wallet
2. Complete the Profile Form, Select Amount

3. Generate the New Just Wallet Card

Our Latest innovation, 

Web 3 Just Wallet Cards

We accept dozens of currencies including ETH, USDT, USD-POV & Polygon Matic
exchanged to MasterCard Debit Cards

Just Wallet Card Fees


Monthly Fee


Per Purchase*

(*fees may apply if used for non-USD charges, see cardholder terms for full pricing list)

$1 + 2% 

Initial Card Creation Fee + Card Load
for USDT, USDC, Polygon MATIC & USD.

$1 + 5% 

Initial Card Creation Fee + Card Load
for ETH, BUSD, DAI, Polygon MATIC & AVAX.

$1 + 10% 

Initial Card Creation Fee + Card Load
for WBTC & Shiba Inu.


Exchange Spread: 2% Crypto Exchange Fee of Card Load


ATM Withdrawal In-Network


ATM Withdrawal Out-of-Network


ATM Balance Inquiry


Foreign Transaction Fee 8% of the transaction amount 


International ATM Withdrawal


Inactivity fee, if the card is inactive for 90 days,
a monthly fee will be deducted from the available
balance remaining on the card. 

See Cardholder terms for full pricing list

No Credit / Overdraft Feature 

For general information about prepaid accounts, visit cfpb.gov/prepaid.

*$1 Fee is introductory model, standard fee is $5.