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Phone Number Wallet

Designed for 8+ billion users, instant financial accessibility. If you have a phone number, you can get paid.

Send & Receive Money Globally

Use your account information to receive payments in both local and foreign currencies.

Fiat Blockchain

A first in the industry. All fiat tokenized on blockchain for a multi-currency agnostic interoperable payment system.

Seamlessly send money to
anyone across the globe

2500 CAD
United Kingdom
£ 3000
₦ 5000
$ 600
$ 25000

We serve over 65 countries and territories around the world

More power. More reach. More possibilities.

Secure Payments

Security is our main focus when building anything, and we frequently have security audits with reputable companies.

Multi-Currency Flexibility

We leverage our banking network for native access to 40+ currencies, seamlessly sending and receiving in those currencies.

International Coverage

We've connected with the global network of 8+ billion telecom subscribers to enable you to pay anyone via cell phone number.

Scalable Solution

We offer Node Operators exclusive incentives and income-sharing options, and the Fiat Blockchain is scalable.

Instant Payout

Our web 3 enabled platform ensures fast and instant international payout, allowing you to send and receive funds instantly.

Proof of Value

A new framework combining blockchain technology with traditional financial infrastructure.


Instant access to global remittance in 40 markets. We have effectively reduced international payment fees.


We have built the most cost-effective solution that other firms simply can't match.

Bulk Transfer

Streamline large-scale transactions for efficient and stress-free financial operations, saving time.

Social Banking

Effortlessly link social accounts for streamlined money transactions. Connect with friends and family, share payment requests securely, and efficiently manage finances within your social circle.

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