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We dreamed of a world with more convenient, less costly payment options. A payment solution that is simple to use and highly accessible for everyone.


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We set out to invent a simple solution that replaces an outdated model. For years we struggled moving money the old way, which wasted time and money. Our Founders started in financial markets developing complex code for financial institutions and brokers in the foreign currency day trading industry. The complex systems and high barrier to entry revealed a path of major opportunity. This hard won opportunity is what lead us to become a federally regulated money service business in Canada.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you send money abroad with Just Wallet! With lightning-fast transfers and the convenience of sending money using just a mobile number, you'll never go back to the old way again. Sign up now and experience the future of international money transfers!.

In 2018, we established our corporation in Toronto, Ontario as a registered FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) Money Service Business. As a federally regulated MSB we are able to offer Money Transfer & Foreign Currency exchange services. We built a strong team of bankers, technologists, brokers, coders, attorneys and customer service reps focused on delivering the best customer experience available in the financial services landscape. Just Wallet partnered with top financial institutions to be able to operate in 30 markets globally, and more are being added to the list every quarter.

The Team

Hamilton Cheong


Ryan Johnson

CEO & Co-founder

Chidi Inyama

CTO & Co-founder

Ezekiel Cliffy .E

COO & Co-founder

Corey Johnson

Chief Information Officer

Dileep Dubey

Devops Engineer

Oboh Emmanuella

Product Designer

Andrew Ohwofasa

Full-Stack Developer

Adaeze Onuorah

Contents Manager

Our Story

This is the Just Wallet story as told through milestones

Sept 2021

Abu Dhabi Fintech 100 - North American Winner

July 2020

Technology Patent Pending and Published in the USA & Canada

Oct 2019

Featured Panel Speaker at Rotman Business School, University Of Toronto

Oct 2019

Awarded Federally Regulated Money Service Business License (FX, Virtual Currencies, Transfer

Sept 2019

Conducted first ever, crypto transactions at Target, Starbucks, Wal-mart, & Amazon.

July 2019

Ran Successful TDBank pilot with Just Wallet ATM Network to more than 3,000 festival attendees

July 2018

Launched Version 1 of Just Wallet Software gaining 1200 fintech customers

July 2018

Incorporated Just Wallet Limited

March 2018

Lions Den at the Globe and Mail Fintech Pitch Winner, Raised $500k Angel Funding

Feb 2018

Launched Version 2 of Just Wallet Software gaining 1600 fintech customers

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