Who We Are

Simple banking for the global
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We dreamed of a world with more convenient, less costly payment options. A payment solution that is simple to use and highly accessible for everyone.

The Just Wallet Story

Our story is one of evolution, born out of a simple idea: to create a seamless banking solution that is fast and accessible to everyone. Our journey began in the intricate world of financial markets, where our founders honed their skills developing complex codes for institutions and brokers in the foreign currency day trading industry.

This experience uncovered a path laden with complexities and inefficiencies in traditional banking that wasted time and drained resources. This hard-won opportunity led us to become a federally regulated money service business in Canada.

The inaugural launch of Just Wallet v1 introduced a B2B white-label application, a game-changer embraced by thousands of fintech businesses across 65 countries. It drove our commitment to excellence and the resolve to enhance our core offering, integrating seamlessly with partners to craft the most advanced money transfer application on the market.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way the world moves money. Rooted in innovation and commitment, we are on a quest to provide a transformative financial experience. We aim to streamline international transactions, making them instant and as easy as a conversation with a friend.

A Better Way to Send

Today, Just Wallet operates on blockchain and Web3 technology, which allows us to provide a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for sending and receiving money globally.

Our platform utilizes Web3 wallets, offering a decentralized and secure way to store and manage digital assets. This integration ensures our platform is always at the forefront of financial technology, offering our customers the best possible experience.

We've strategically partnered with top financial institutions, enabling us to operate in over 55 countries and over 47 currencies globally, delivering instant, seamless international transactions at ridiculously cheap transfer and conversion fees.

The Team Vision

Our Beliefs About Sending Money

Cost Effective

We believe every transaction should be fair, ensuring the cost of moving money aligns with fairness and affordability.


Time is of the essence. We envision a world where money moves at the speed of thought, instantly bridging distances and fulfilling financial needs in the blink of an eye.

Seamless and Easy

Complexity has no place in our vision. Sending money should be a seamless and effortless experience, free from unnecessary complications or obstacles.


Our vision extends to providing accessible solutions for both the banked and unbanked, ensuring everyone can access a secure, cost-effective, instant, and easy experience.


The initial launch of Just Wallet v1 included a B2B white label application that we sold to thousands of fintech businesses across 180 countries globally. We have continued to improve the core offering of our application and integrated dozens of partners to offer the best money transfer application on the market. More recently, we searched the globe for best place to launch our consumer-facing application as well.

Ryan Johnson

CEO & Co-founder

Meet the Team

Ryan Johnson

CEO & Co-founder

Adaeze Onuorah

Content Manager

Andrew Ohwofasa

Fullstack Developer

Chidi Inyama

Chief Technological Officer

Corey Johnson

Chief Information Officer

Dileep Dubey

Devops Engineer

Ezekiel Cliffy .E

Chief of Operations

Mike Stiles

Marketing Director

Oboh Emmanuella

Product Designer

Osemwegie Joshua

Blockchain Developer

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